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CMC Intl Limited are the European Agents for Sunrise Pacific Machinery.

Sunrise Pacific Co., Ltd was established in 1996 and are a professional manufacturers and suppliers of corrugated machinery and equipment related to corrugated paper printing and box making companies. The corrugated machines and equipment produced primarily caters for domestic and international carton manufacturers, including Taiwan, China, Europe, South East Asia, Central America, Middle East countries and the USA.

The company also maintains technical cooperation with European, American and Japanese manufacturers; in pursuit of continuous product development and growth. They have just developed a fully Servo Driven 2.7m Casemaker with perfect register capable of running at 300 sheets per minute.

Machinery that can be offered by Sunrise:


  • Casemaker, Printer Slotter & Rotary Diecutter machines
  • Fixed Type Mini-Line Casemaker machines
  • Standard Open/Close Type With drying unit integrated for coated cardboard printing machines
  • Inline Flexo Folder Gluer (Casemaker) machines
  • Corrugated Printer & Converting machines
  • Fixed Type High Board Line (HBL) machines
  • High Graphic Printer (HGP) machines

The Main Reasons to invest in Sunrise machines:

  • They specialise in very high quality Flexo printing, corrugated and Converting machines which cannot be matched by any other Taiwanese machine Manufacturer.
  • Their machines are made to a very high standard using high quality steel made to Japanese Standards.
  • They maintain their register because of their strong and durable construction.
  • They are an innovator not a follower. They were the first company to develop the IR Drying System in Taiwan.
  • They manufacture high quality machines for a reasonable price meaning you will have a quicker return on investment.

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