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Weipong Machinery

Weipong Machinery are manufacturers of high quality Printer Slotters, Rotary Diecutter’s and Casemakers. .

Weipong have a focus, which sits inline with CMC’s outlook of Good Quality, Innovation and an affordable Price Point. They also have a very responsive approach to there business and are totally customer service focused. .

Weipong have a wealth of knowledge in Corrugated and in order to keep to there Price, Quality and Affordability drive with there machines they source high quality parts from around Asia, mainly Taiwan and Japan, and assemble these in there 20,000 sqm manufacturing facility in China.

Weipong machines come fully CE certificated and with high end Branded Electronics and can be seen running in the field in Europe.

Weipong are one of the few manufacturers who are able to produce machines, which go up to a maximum working width of 3.6m, this is testament to the quality of the materials and engineering prowess which they pride themselves on

Machinery, which can be offered by Weipong

  • Casemakers up to 3.6m wide
  • Printer Slotters
  • Rotary Diecutters

The machines are fully supported from the parts distribution hub and engineering backup facility located in Spain.

  • Good Quality
  • Innovative
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Customer Focused

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